21 Jun 2017

Why All Parents-To-Be Should Go On A Babymoon

What the heck is a ‘babymoon’ I hear you ask?

Well, up until several months ago, I didn’t know myself. It was only when I was discussing possible holiday plans with a pal that she said "oh, like a babymoon?"
"Err, a what now?"

She explained that babymoon is basically just the cringey term for a last hurrah getaway for parents-to-be before they welcome their new family addition. Like a honeymoon but y’know, with less alcohol and sex and more naps and general relaxation with your boo (eurgh, can’t believe I just used that word).

Anyway yes, at the end of last month Ed and I went on our babymoon. We had toyed with the idea for some time - is it selfish/stupid to spend money on a trip away when there's so much baby-related stuff still to pay for? Is it worth it?

Well, I'm here to tell y'all that it is, well was, 100% worth it. In fact, I urge all you Mums and Dad's in the making to set some time, and a little bit of money aside to go on a babymoon. You won't regret it, promise.

Why go on a babymoon?

First and foremost - because you can. This is the last, I repeat, the LAST opportunity you have as a twosome to switch off and get away, ever. Even in a year or so when you have a willing babysitter to have your sprog whilst you gallivant off, you'll never be able to let go completely. As a parent, there will always be that niggling part of your brain occupied with thoughts and worries about your offspring.

To reconnect with your other half. The stresses and strains that pregnancy puts on both body and mind is inevitably felt by both parties. A babymoon is the ideal opportunity to remind yourselves what you love about each other and why you're perfect together.

I have a habit of distancing myself from Ed when feeling less-than-rosy (quite frequently during this pregnancy) and whilst he understands, we both felt the benefits of dedicating some time to reconnect before bubba makes his appearance.

In fact, we got off that plane feeling more united and stronger than ever. Handy, as we're gonna need to work as a team to get through those tough first few months of parenthood. 

To recharge those batteries. Whether it's due to disturbing dreams, the protruding bump getting in the way or general aches and pains, getting enough sleep can be problematic during pregnancy. Time away from the daily grind to rest up and catch some z's was much needed. 

If you're like me and struggle with feelings of guilt if you nap instead of doing something more productive, a babymoon is essential for this reason alone. You can't physically do housework if you're not at home, right?

To let reality sink in. When you're pregnant and still going about your normal daily routine of work, socialising, LIVING etc. it's difficult to accept that your life is about to drastically change. 

The reality that I'm going to be a Mum only really hit me when I was forced to step away from it all and reflect.

Our getaway also offered up the perfect opportunity for Ed and I to discuss everything baby-related. What needs to be done before he arrives, how we're gonna raise him, literally everything

When to go

To squeeze the most out of a babymoon, you want to go at a time where you will really reap the benefits of doing sweet FA but also before you reach the waddling around, could-potentially-drop-at-any minute stage. So, ideally around 6 months into your pregnancy.
Make sure you check out travel restrictions before you go though, as if you're going somewhere that requires flying, you'll need to check airline restrictions beforehand.

Where to go

A babymoon can be as inexpensive or expensive as you like, or can afford. Initially we were going to book a little seaside break in the UK but then I came across a deal for Lake Garda on Groupon that worked out cheaper (err, logic?) so Italy it was.

The one thing I would say though is choose somewhere that you can relax and not feel like you have to get up and see things - city breaks are a no-no. Find somewhere that can cater to you and what you like to do to wind down.

You do you.

9 Jun 2017

Baby Room Update

It’s been a whole month since my Mum and I set about on transforming my drab and dreary spare room aka, the dumping room into a nursery so I thought it was time to update you on how it’s coming along.

Answer: Bloody nicely.

Here’s how it currently looks. Fresh, bright and ready to accept the furniture set - which is being delivered today, eek.

Ahem, excuse the poor quality snaps. And Henry the Hoover's photobombing. 

In my previous 'baby room' post I explained that we were about to start the gruelling, yet very necessary task of stripping and prepping the walls, ready to wallpaper and paint.

And what a crap job that was. The combination of crooked, century-old walls and previous owners who clearly didn’t care for doing any kind of DIY/interior job properly, meant that it took a long old time to get the walls to a point where we (I say we, but my Mums the one who actually knows what she’s doing) were ready to advance to the next stage: the actual decorating.

In a bid to keep the room as bright and airy as possible (natural light is scarce in that part of our house, as you can probably see) we've opted for a primarily white colour scheme; with a 'feature wall/corner' of light greyish blue and hints of oak that will be introduced with the furniture and blinds etc.

To add texture and create more of a homely, baby-friendly feel to the room, (plain white walls can look a bit clinical imo) a stripy. textured wallpaper was applied and then given a lick of paint to freshen it up. I love the way it looks - it complements the panelling on our Ikea day bed a treat.

So yeah, we're well on the way to creating the perfect space for baby Burrage. Once the furniture is in and assembled the fun really can really begin. I can't wait to add all the personal touches.

Just less than 3 months to go little man.

1 Jun 2017

The Perfect Non-Maternity, Maternity Summer Dress From H&M

I'm no fashion-forward, stylish individual anyway but my changing body shape has meant that I've found it really hard to dress myself this pregnancy. I'm reluctant to buy much in the way of maternity clothes (I can't justify spending a shit load of money on things I'll only get a few months wear out of) and it's so hard to find regular clothes, especially dresses, that can fit over my expanding belly, without being ridiculously baggy everywhere else.

And that's when I found a friend in this cute little number from H&M. I won't lie, it's not my usual style - I don't normally 'do' florals, rather I admire them on other people from afar - but nevertheless, I love everything about this dress. The summery colour palette, the pattern, the tie detail, everything.

I think I've been converted.

It's the perfect non-maternity, maternity summer dress. The straps are adjustable which helps to accommodate the bump and the fact it nips in just below the bust means that it's super flattering. Ok, so I did have to size up (twice) and spend a while fiddling with it so that it sat just right, but once I'd got it looking how I wanted it, I felt GOOD in it.

In fact, prancing around in this dress next to the beautiful lake Garda I felt very much the glowy mumma-to-be.

I know that I'll be getting a lot of wear out of it this Summer, if (and it's a pretty big IF) the weather continues to behave itself *prays to the weather gods*.

The crossover sandals are also a H&M purchase; I'd been after a metallic pair for ages and these rose gold ones caught my eye instantly (ever the blogger cliché). I prefer sandals that don't go in between my toes, as they don't seem to rub as much and the leather-look style of these ones make them perfect for pairing with both daytime and evening attire.

FYI, they wern't the comfiest sandals to begin with, hense the bright red plaster wrapped around my big toe - OH HI BLISTER - but now I've worn them in I could happily parade around in them all day.

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