24 Oct 2016

An Autumn Homeware Update

The best thing about Autumn (bar Halloween) has got to be the sharp rise in cosy nights in, snuggled under a thick blanket watching films and sipping wine hot chocolate, with a spicy scented candle flickering away in the background - amiright?

Well it's my favourite thing anyway, possibly because I'm a twenty-something grandma and at home is where I feel most comfortable and relaxed.

I think this is why I can get a bit carried away with buying homeware. I'm a big believer that that your mood can reflect your surroundings - it sure did in The Sims, although I totally get why they got a bit miffed being in the same room as another Sim who had soiled themselves.

So yeah, when Ocean Finance got in touch and challenged me to spend £50* updating my home for Autumn, I jumped at the chance. The thinking cap was straight on, and I was coming up with ideas of things that I could pop around my house to make it feel Autumn-ready (I hate the word autumnal, just ew).

I decided to concentrate on finding pieces for my living room, seeing as it's the warmest, cosiest space in the house. Rich with warm browns, wooden tones and hints of gold - perfect.

One thing I will say before I dive in and explain my purchases is that it was a lot harder than I had anticipated to find Autumn-y homeware. It seems that most retailers completely bypass Autumn and go straight for glittery, festive pieces. Where's the love for Autumn gone?

Thankfully TK Maxx & George Home saved the day and came up with the goods. In fact, I was spoilt for choice in TK-Maxx, I was in there ages just marveling at their homeware range. I could have spent longer in there tbh..,

Seriously though, if you're ever on the look out for quirky, one-off bits for your home, you need to get yourself to TK-Maxx. You won't be disappointed, promise.

Anyway, back to what I bought.

Obviously the first thing I did was make a beeline for the scented candles as no cosy night is complete without one, or five, doing their thang and making the house smell delicious.

With its burnt orange colour and a name like Shades Of Autumn how could I not get this candle? It's from the Home Inspirations range (I always find that they are more subtle in fragrance than your regular Yankee's). It's scent is tricky to explain: I can't quite grasp what it is but it smells slightly spicy, earthy and warm, I've been itching to burn it.

Quick note on the candle. I bought it in ASDA but I cannot find it anywhere on either their website or on the actual Yankee candle website. WEIRD. If you want to get your hands on it, it may still be in store. Oh and it cost £9.
Next up was this delightful cushion from George. The blanket stitch design with it's adorable motif caught my eye straight away - it screams Autumn and fits in perfectly with the 'cottagey' vibe that I'm aiming to create in my home. It's also super squidgy and reaaallyy great quality for £8.

My favourite find is what I'm labelling as my classy Halloween decoration. This charming decorative pumpkin comes in a variety of designs (I even spotted a glass one). I opted for this white and gold wooden one as I like the contrast of the colours and feel that it fits best with our living room.

Sticking with the rustic feel I also picked up a rope garland (not online but also from TK Maxx). Adorned with wooden maple leaves I thought, and rightfully so, that it would look great draped under our mantlepiece. I have no idea why it was labelled as a Halloween item; I shall be keeping it up right through 'til Spring.

Okay so the last thing I got was a tad expensive and unnecessary but I just HAD to have it. It's a cake pan yes, but not like any cake pan you've seen before. Hear me out. It's got two sides to it and basically what you do is, when you've baked your cake in the tin, you take it out and stick both sides together and it forms a friggin' awesome 3D ghost cake. Cool, huh?

Have you brought any new homeware pieces into your home this Autumn?
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*£50 was gifted to me by Ocean Finance


  1. You bought some really cute things, loooove that gold pumpkin!

    1. Yes! The pumpkin is my fave find as I've not really seen anything like it before x

  2. Haha, I identify with being a young grandma, I love being at home :) Great buys , the gold pumpkin is gorgeous :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. Yaas, young Grandma's unite ha and thank you :)

  3. Love all of the items, especially the leaf garland! The ghost cake tin made me laugh but in a good way, promise ;)

    Melissa x


    1. Yeah the leaf garland is such a great subtle nod to Autumn I think and fits in perfectly with the general aesthetic of the house.

      The tin made such an awesome cake actually haha, I was very impressed as was everyone else x


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