15 Oct 2016

Autumn Pinafore Styling

Right guys, today I'm gonna attempt an outfit post. I've never been great at explaining clothes (is there a difference between a turtle neck and a roll neck?) or why I like certain items and styles, I just, do.

But let's give it a go shall we?

I'll begin with a little backstory. A few weekends ago, when Autumn had officially begun, Ed and I decided to go on a leisurely Sunday stroll. We'd heard rumours that a woods nearby was abundant with pinecones and, as we have decided to make a lot of our own Christmas decorations this year because lol, no money, we thought hauling pinecones would be a good start.

So yeah, this is what I wore to hunt for pinecones. Ha, hunt makes it sound like there was some stealthiness involved on my behalf - there wasn't, in fact I almost fell arse over tit a few times over some tree roots.

Anyway, this outfit is probably my favourite outfit that I've worn in a long, long time. Mainly because it doesn't look like I've looked in my wardrobe, panicked and thrown on whatever I could find/doesn't need to be shown an iron but, also because it features some staple items I just know I'll be wearing to death this AW.

I bloody love a good pinafore: they're versatile in the way you can put anything underneath them from a bardot top to a cable knit jumper and they are available in pretty much any material going; faux leather, suede, denim, cord, you name it. There's a pinafore out there for everyone.

I opted for this dark grey denim version because it was the back end of summer and I thought it would go a treat with darker, autumnal colours and opaque tights.

This cream ribbed jumper works perfectly underneath as it's main appeal, the ruffle detailing is fully on show. I actually think that by wearing a pinafore underneath, it draws attention to the statement neckline.

Is it odd to say that whenever I pop this jumper on I feel like an artist from the 1800's?

The bag is the first proper, grown-up bag I've ever bought myself. It's a huge shopper size (perfect for collecting pinecones, apparently) and has the added bonus of coming with a removable pouch and matching zip purse - ideal for keeping your valuables safe and away from the elements. It's reversible too, so you can decide whether you want black or tan to be the accent colour.

Obviously no Autumn outfit is complete without boots. This mock-croc pair from River Island are my new favourite shoes ever. I love how they look great worn casually with skinny jeans or pinafores but also how you could easily pair them with a LBD for a go-to going out-out ensemble.

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What are your thoughts on this outfit? What staples will you be wearing this AW?
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  1. I'm so glad that pinafores are back in style, because I love 'em!

    1. Me too, they're just so easy to wear. I'm on the hunt for a burgundy one now

  2. Oh you look lovely!! Also loving the colours of your bag :) xo


    1. Thank you Hayley and black and tan are such a classic combo in my books x

  3. Loving your outfit!

    There's a pinafore dress on New Look that I reeeeally want at the mo. Went to buy it at the weekend and couldn't find it in store, I was SO annoyed!!

    Melissa x



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