11 Oct 2016

Blogging Take Two.

Introductions are always difficult. This one will be especially tricky because I've been here before, in this exact same situation. Except now I've got an entirely different view on the blogging world - or bloggersphere as it's more cringely known.

Y'see I had a blog. For two whole years I would regularly (I use that word loosely) post on my little online platform. And to begin with, I loved it. I lived and breathed blogging. I put a heck of a lot into it and got just as much out. 

Unfortunately, as what happens in many relationships, my blog and I grew apart. There was no longer that passion there. That initial spark had fizzled out. The whole process of creating content started to feel contrived and kinda mechanical?

To put it bluntly; I was posting for the sheer hell of it.

I feel that I lost my way with it a bit, that I got a bit confused trying to 'fit in' and keep up with what every other blogger (again, used loosely) was doing. I was getting tied into a rat race that really, I want nothing to do with.

I'm not a great competitor, I've not got a competitive bone in my body (unless we're talking Mario Kart or Scrabble). Seriously, just ask my Mum; she will happily tell you ALL about the time at sports day, when I was 5. I was supposed to be racing the other kids but instead I did a half-arsed jog whilst posing and waving at the video recorder.

My Mum and her pal were in stitches. Little blonde, curly-haired me couldn't care less if I won the race, I just wanted to be noticed - such a diva.

So yeah, I don't and never have felt that urge, that NEED to win or to be the best. I just do what's best for me.

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms."

^ I like to see myself as that flower. I'll bloom in my own time thank you.

Also, another reason why I quit the blogging game is because I don't really like the direction it's heading in. I mean, blogs gained their popularity because people were fed up of glossy magazines. Magazines that sold a lifestyle that wasn't obtainable or realistic for us average folk. Publications that thrust products in our faces, labelling them as 'must-have' or 'essential', when you know you've done just fine and dandy without them for 20 odd years.

THAT is why peopled started shunning magazines in favour of blogs. Because the people behind blogs were 'real' people, not disimilar to you or I. They didn't have free stuff flocking to them like Harry Potter's infamous Hogwarts letter. They didn't splash out £400 to film an 'ASOS haul' only to probably send back half the stuff to have enough ££ for the next haul. They spent within their means on items and brands they truly loved, to then share their thoughts with the online world.

A week or so ago when I saw that a make up brand (I will name no names) sent their entire new lipstick collection (all 120 shades) to certain influencers aka bloggers and vloggers. I can't be the only one that sees this as completely OTT and ridiculous?


I don't blame the bloggers and vloggers for this evolution in blogging. More so the pressure brands put on them and the aforementioned competition aspect. There's a hell of a lot of one-upmanship going on and it's not pretty.

It's easy for me to declare this because I don't want to be a full time blogger therefore I don't need to compete but I won't and don't want to be part of that facade. And I couldn't be anyway.

Because I ain't a glossy, photogenic, sassy woman. I don't frequently gorge on fancy brunches or rush to buy the latest beauty holy grail (mostly 'cause I can't afford it but also because I don't care) and I definitely don't keep up with the latest fashion trends.

I'm the dickhead that forgets to take the labels off the bottom of their shoes. My make up collection is made up of mostly Rimmel products - some I've had for way past their expiry date, probably. Some of the clothes I wear I've had for the best part of a decade and I drive a 2003 plate Clio; shes ite, her name's Peggy.

But despite this less-than-perfect demeanor I want to write, to blog about the mundane and the ordinary. I want to share the simple things that I enjoy without conforming. Like about how I bloody love a McDonald's or Wetherspoons breakfast (them hash browns though).

And that's why I'm back, having another shot at this blogging malarky.

This time, it's for me but hey, if you wanna come for the ride, I'm happy to have you.

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  1. I've had similar feelings and almost given up blogging, I am competitive and it got me down to see other bloggers growing so much faster than mine. Few months ago I realised though I don't want to do this as a full time job, I just do it for a bit of fun. Starting to fall in love with it again now
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

    1. Exactly, it's all about stepping back and re-evaluating your blog and what you actually want from it.

      Thanks for stopping by x

  2. I was sad to see you'd stopped blogging but so so happy to see that you're giving in another shot. I'm feeling the same about blogging and haven't posted in over two months, I'm sure I'll get back into it some time. Can't wait to see what mundane adventures you get up to. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Awww reading this has made my day - thank you Sam. I couldn't stay away in the end. Blogging is addicting and I think I just needed to step back and re-evaluate what I want out of it all. xx

  3. I think there's a place for all bloggers online, I like reading a mix of glossy and more down to earth blogs too! I think the whole thing can seem so overwhelming at times and you can feel like you need to keep up with it all and spend a load of money etc but I'm glad that after a break you have that spark for blogging again because if you ignore all the BS it really is a great place to be :) I hope you start enjoying being a blogger again, welcome back! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic


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