28 Oct 2016

Underrated foods

There are foods that I consider to be majorly underrated, forgotten foods if you will. The foods that society deem too ugly, too mundane for Instagram. Yet, these are the very foods that bring the most joy and comfort to my life, and I'm sure, to many of your lives too. The 'beautiful on the inside' foods.

This post is a tribute to all the food that has been shunned in favour of these more aesthetically pleasing, 'fashionable' foods; quinoa (keen-wah incase you're wondering), pulled pork, mango, salted caramel everything and the meal that has somehow broken the internet - avocado on toast.

I'm sorry but a slab of toast artistically smothered in slimy green mush is not gonna satisfy me as much as this little lot will. 

Freshly baked bread and butter - Just thinking about the smell of warm crusty bread, lathered with butter is enough to get my saliva glands working overtime. Honestly, is there anything better? It has to be 'propa butta' though, none of this marge business, oh no. If you're gonna do it, you've got to do it properly.

Spag bol - This is possibly my favourite meal in that, I could eat it all day erryyday. It's essentially a warm hug in meal form, a perfect dinner choice for a grim Monday. It's got everything you could possibly want in a dish; flavour, substance, warmth. Throw in a sprinkling of parmesan and some garlic bread and you're onto a winner.

A bacon sandwich - Just with lashings of tomato ketchup - nothing else. It is an instant pick me up and will forever be my breakfast of choice if I'm erm, lets just say, worse for wear? It's a healer and an ultimate underrated food.

Custard cream biscuits - There are plenty of 'fancier' biscuits on the market (some truly overhyped, looking at you Oreos) but it is the humble biscuit tin classic, the custard cream that forever has my heart. I love that it can hold it's own when dunked in a nice strong cuppa tea.

Fish 'n' chips - Granted, there are too many places selling a sub-standard version of this British dish but, when cooked to perfection it can't be beat. Flakes of meaty cod fillet encased in a crispy batter,
accompanied with salted chunky chips, doused in vinegar, yes please. 

Bananas - The banana has got to be one of nature's best creations. This ready-to-eat, iconic yellow fruit is so underrated. Not only is it a minimal faff food (it comes pre-packaged ffs, what more could you want?) but it also provides a whole host of nutrients and provides a good boost of energy when it's needed most. It also goes into one of my favourite desserts - the banoffee pie - another thing too ugly for social media.

I'm sure there's loads more but these are the ones that popped into my head almost instantaneously. What foods do you see as underrated?
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  1. I definitely appreciate bananas. They are a perfect snack, especially when I am 'on the go'. Healthy, in natural packaging, and delicious! Best Wishes, Iga x http://www.igaberry.com/

  2. These sort of 'unattractive' comfort foods are far too underrated on social media! I would take them any day over avocado on toast x


    1. If only people Instgrammed what they really eat haha and yeah me too x

  3. Ok, you've now made me want food again even though I've just eaten beef stew and a roll (with proper butter!) for lunch! I'm sure my lunch wouldn't have been Insta-worthy, but it sure damn tasted good! :P

    Melissa x


    1. Beef stew sounds incredible. That's my sort of food down to a tee; comforting, warm and hearty, yum. x


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