5 Nov 2016

Why Everyone Should Take A Day Off Just Because

And when I say take a day off I don't mean pull a sicky last minute because you've woken up with a serious case of NOPE and would rather shit in your hands and clap than endure another day at work (it's okay, we all have those days occasionally, it's perfectly normal).

I'm talking about using up those pesky days of holiday that you have left. Booking a day or two off, way in advance, just because you can. 

Not because it's your cousins wedding, not because there's a show on in London that you really, absolutely MUST see and definitely not because you've got a hot date with the dentist to have a tooth extracted.

I think it's ingrained into us that holiday should only be taken when there's somewhere else we need to be, that we need a good reason to be away from work. God forbid that a colleague asks you about your plans for your time off and you say 'oh no plans, I just fancied a day off.'

I decided to take a random day off work a couple of weeks ago. Okay, it wasn't entirely random, it was partly in anticipation for the week after, when I'd be holding the fort by myself for a whole week. 

Still, I didn't need the day off. I had nowhere else to be and nothing that needed to be taken care of. So I took care of myself instead. I leisurely got up (I still awoke fairly early - I beat myself up if I sleep in past 9) and assembled some breakfast to sneak back into bed with me to eat.

After, I took myself to the gym for a circuits class with the Mother and then, a couple hours later, I popped to the hairdressers for a much-needed trim and refresh.

I didn't do anything exciting per se but it was nice, really nice. Actually no, it was LIBERATING. It felt bloody good to be able to take my sweet time with things, to have some me time when everyone else (I say everyone but I'm generalising, obviously) was at work. It gave me some breathing space; time to reassess and unscramble the thoughts running amok in my head.

Now I'm sure a lot of you are thinking that weekends are an ideal opportunity to squeeze in some me time, and although this is true, I find that my weekends get booked up AGES in advance. Like, I'll always be using my days off to spend time with my family or friends. Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't change it for the world, but it means that I'm always busy.

And if by some miracle, we (Ed and I) find ourselves with no plans for the weekend, we end up filling our time doing little jobs around the house or y'know, doing the mundane things like the weekly jaunt around Sainsbury's.

I keep saying to Ed that I want a duvet day. How it'd be lovely to spend a whole 24 hours digesting *almost* an entire Netflix series whilst snuggled up under our goose feather duvet. Obviously there would be a Domino's delivery with our name on it too. We wouldn't even think about leaving the house or getting changed and it would be GLORIOUS.

Alas, it never happens because I know that afterwards I'd be plagued with an intense feeling of guilt, knowing that there are things that I should've/could've been doing, that my time would have been better spent elsewhere.

That's the thing about adulting - there's always shit to do, it's a never ending cycle.

It's ridiculous because all we do is work (werk, werk, werk werk werk) to never give ourselves a proper break.

That's why my 'just because' day off was so special. I didn't feel obligated to do anything in particular because I would have otherwise been sat behind my desk. Also, because everyone else was at work I couldn't see them even if I'd wanted to. It was a day all about me and it was great.

I may even take a few days off next time. As for that duvet day? It's imminent, I'm thinking that the Christmas holiday 'presents' the perfect opportunity.

Wow what a terrible pun that was. I think that's my cue to sign off. See ya.

Do you ever feel guilty if you have a day of doing nothing?
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