20 Nov 2016

4 Trends To Get On Board With This Upcoming Winter

I don’t ‘do’ fashion. I’m not a fashionable person and I don’t care to follow trends.

However, now and again there will be trends that I jump on board with, mainly because I do 99.9% of my clothes shopping in/on New Look, ASOS, Topshop, etc. – all your regular high-street haunts.
And they, being very successful clothes retailers, do follow trends. They’re expected to stock what’s ‘in’ and therefore, I sometimes buy into trends by default. 

Does that make sense?

Basically, I don’t intentionally buy things because they’re fashionable. I'll buy clothing that I genuinely like and that I *think* suits me. I mean I could be wrong - if someone wants to come and be my personal stylist for the day, you'd be more than welcome (I'll buy lunch).

Anyway here's a few 'trends' that I'm diggin at the mo, plus a few of my fave examples.

I adore this trend because I'm a plain dresser: I don't really 'do' patterns (unless it's animal print because animal print is EVERYTHING) so I'll wear a lot of block colours and materials. Adding a bit of fancy embroidery to otherwise plain but staple garments; jeans, jumpers, even coats, adds a little femininity and gives them that little extra summin' summin'.
Teddy/Faux shearling
Faux shearling, (or 'teddy' material as it's sometimes called) being ultra warm and snuggly, comes into the clothing spotlight every Winter. Normally it will be the lining of a coat or the accent detail on the collar of a jacket but this year it's been a creepin' onto the outside of clothing and accessories, taking over as the main texture.

I really like the way it looks and think it makes a nice alternative to faux fur, especially when you're after something a little less bulky and more flattering.

I want that Urban Outfitters Teddy coat so, SO bad, it's reversible too ffs.

I've always tend to steer clear of entirely metallic items of clothing because let's face it - looking like a walking disco ball isn't really desirable and in my opinion it's easy to cross that line from glam to garish. So yep, as per I'm probably going to play it safe, using accessories to get my metallic fix.

However, if, (and it's a big if) IF I end up feeling brave I may try a metallic plisse jumpsuit or culottes as I think they look stunning and would be ideal for any festive get-together.

My favourite thing about mesh is that it allows you to get that risqué silhouette of say, a plunging neckline without feeling like you're a bit naked or overexposed. I also like how it almost adds another dimension to an item of clothing - I'm really loving the polka dot mesh I'm seeing around at the mo.

What are your current fashion favourites?

1. Teddy reversible hooded jacket - Urban Outfitters, £69//2. Rose gold sandals - Miss Selfridge, £45//3. Embroidered crop top - River Island, £26//4. Gold plisse jumpsuit - Topshop, £39//5. Glitter ball earrings - Topshop, £7//6. Shearling coatigan - Peacocks, £30//7. Teddy biker jacket - Boohoo, £35//8. Embroidered rose choker - River Island, £7//9. Velvet mesh body - Miss Selfridge - £28//10. Blossom embroidery boots - Topshop, £42//11. Floral embroidered overcoat - River Island, £95//12. Monki faux shearling back pack - ASOS, £35//13. Metallic pleated culottes - Boohoo, £18//14. High neck spot blouse - Matalan, £16

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  1. I totally understand your reasoning for not buying clothes to be "trendy." And I must admit that I do love metallic clothing as well!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  2. That golden jumpsuit is fantastic !




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