10 Nov 2016

Working Out In Winter & Staying Motivated

Exercising regularly (something we all know we should be doing - it's drummed into us enough) is hard at the best of times, but even more so in Winter, when the temperature has plummeted and OH LOOK, it's dark by 4pm, goody.

The motivation to exercise has vanished because your suitcase has been stowed away until next Summer and the skimpy H&M dresses that you practically lived in a couple of months ago have since been replaced with an abundance of cosy, slouchy jumpers that we all know hide a multitude of sins (we're forever thankful for it too).

And what's worse is that Winter is also the season for overindulgence. December is an awful temptress; she brings with her a plethora of Christmas events and festive 'dos' which, you've guessed it, mostly revolve around food, glorious food. Oh and drink. The alcohol flows freely in December - well at least, in my circles it does.

So yeah, if anything, it's more important to maintain your fitness in the colder months. Yes, it is tricky, but if I can manage it, (I used to be a complete exercise phobe) then you can.

Here are my tips to motivate and inspire you to keep that tooshy moving. Unfortunately planning a Winter sun vay-cay didn't quite make the cut..


I like to work out with someone by my side all year round as it gives me a boost but I find it's essential in Winter if I'm not to tumble off the exercise wagon. Knowing that I'd be letting my Mum down if I told her 'I can't be arsed' means that I'm less likely to cancel last minute. It works both ways. Make sure your gym buddy is just as keen to keep fit as you are though or it just won't work.


Okay, so before you can switch up your routine you need to make sure you actually have a routine - a number of set days in a week when you exercise (very important if you wanna stay on track).

If you already have an established routine you should consider changing it around a little for Winter. For example: you may decide that now, as it's pitch black before 8am, exercising before work is a big fat nope and that working out during your lunch hour would be much better.

Personally I like to exercise right after work, before I have a chance to sit down and chill because I know that if I get comfy, I won't budge.


Been eyeing up the HIIT class at the gym for a while? Always fancied trying your hand at pole fitness? Well, now's the time to give it a go. Trying something new makes exercise more exciting, (and dare I say it - fun) and means that you're more likely to look forward to your workout. Who knows, you may find something you really love.


I don't know what it is, but buying funky new sportswear gives me a surge of motivation to exercise. If you look the part, then you're likely to play the part, y'know? 

Also, if you're exercising outside, investing in some weather appropriate sportswear is an absolute no-brainer. 


Obvs this only applies if you have paid for a gym membership/block of classes or whatever. If you have, don't let your hard earned cash go to waste. Remember why you joined.


Never underestimate the effectiveness of a good, old fashioned walk. Although it's bitterly cold I love going on long walks this time of year; there's something quite enchanting about trampling through the woods or park on a crisp, sunny, winters day. So go on, don your warmest, thickest coat and your comfiest boots and go for a stroll. Better still, take a thermos full of tea and some healthy-ish snacks and make an outing of it.


Okay so some of you probably couldn't care less about the extra calorie consumption during winter but many of you, like me, may feel a pang of guilt after eating your weight in Quality Street over Christmas, especially when you can no longer slide your skinny jeans on with ease. Knowing that you're still remaining active and preventing that vast holiday weight gain makes it a bit easier to say yes to that extra mince pie.

And lastly...


As someone who suffers quite badly from ‘the winter blues’, there’s nothing I want to do more than to retire to my sofa den when I scramble in from work at half 5. However, without trying to sound like a bore, increasing your activity levels allows your body to release all those feel-good hormones, endorphins and such, helping you to fight low-moods. Extra bonus points if you get your butt outdoors to exercise in the sunlight.

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  1. Such good motivational tips! Will have to put some of these into practice!

    Rachael xox

    1. Thank you Rachael, glad you found this post useful :) x


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