19 Dec 2016

My Guilty Pleasures

Put in the simplest terms ever, (sorry, I'm not up to using fancy schmancy words today) a guilty pleasure is something that, according to society, you shouldn't really like or enjoy but you do anyway. Sometimes a bit too much.

We all have them but some of us, (depending on how many fucks given and how utterly embarrassing they are) try and hide them from the outside world for fear of judgement.

Well, I'm a massive oversharer, and because I'm trying to stop caring what other people think about me, I'm gonna list mine here for a bit of lighthearted fun.

Here goes.

1. Popping spots. Gross, not great for your skin but *sometimes* squeezing the little blighters is completely necessary. What isn't necessary is to find it as satisfying as I do when all that gunk pops out.

2. Having a day where I wake up in my pj's, lounge around ALL DAY in said pj's and then go to bed in yep, the very same pair of pajamas. No getting unchanged to shower or anything like that. No, this is slobbery at is finest. Getting to do this these days is as rare as rocking horse poo, so I'll grab any opportunity I can.

3. Eating peanut butter, crunchy ofc, straight from the jar. With a spoon obviously; I'm not an animal.

4. Another food one: I generally have a healthy diet but I also have a deep, deep love for instant noodles. Super Noodles, Pot Noodles - just give me all the god damn noodles and I'm one happy bunny.

5. Facebook stalking. I'll throw my hands straight up and admit to this one because I know ONE HUNDRED PERCENT that I'm not alone on this. Let's face it, all Facebook is good for these days is tagging your pals in various memes and finding out which one of your old classmates (that you haven't spoken to since 2009) is up the duff.

6. Trash TV. I do love a meaty documentary or TV drama, something I can really sink my teeth into, but sometimes my brain is like NAH, I'M TOO FRAZZLED, GIVE ME SOMETHING EASY TO WATCH. And that's where trashy TV programmes are gold.

Now as much as I love the likes of Jezza K, Take Me Out and First Dates; my ultimate guilty pleasure TV program at the moment is Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. Yep, a show about cleaning. What or who even am I?

One Friday night I had the house (and the TV) to myself and I shamefully binge watched 4 episodes in a row.

I dunno what it is, but it fascinates me. It stops me feeling guilty about my slack cleaning habits too. That day old pile of washing up can wait.

7. Singing in the car. Very Loudly and very proudly, normally on the 40 minute commute home from work. Even though I'm tone deaf I do like to belt out a good tune every now and again. Even when I'm unsure of the words, it's cool, I just guess. Nobody's judging.

8. Listening to old school P!nk. P!nk was my absolute hero growing up. I loved her, her IDGAF attitude and her music.

Nowadays, if I'm ever feeling low or like a deflated balloon, I'll listen to her album Missundazstood, and be instantly transported back to being a young, carefree tween again.

Right, it's time to 'fess up, what are your guilty pleasures?
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  1. This post is awesome and had me going "omg, YES!" a few times! 1, 2, 5 and 6 are deffo me. I'm a saddo and can quite happily sit and watch a few episodes of 'Four in a Bed' (basically when b&b owners all go round each other's places and then rate each other...what is wrong with me?!"

    Melissa x


  2. I'm also a fan of popping spots and slobbery :)

    Corinne x


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