28 Jan 2017

10 Stress Busters I Can Always Rely On

I was going to give this post some really click-baity title such as: '10 ultimate ways to relieve stress' or 'things you need to do for a stress-free life', but then I thought better of it because a) I hate it when I'm taken in by an alluring title for it to just say the same old shit as every other article and b) stress is a very individual thing. We all experience different levels of it, we all have different triggers and of course, we all have different coping methods.

So yes, here is how I de-stress. And nope, it doesn't involve whipping a duster out and giving the house a once over or getting my tooshy down to the nearest yoga class. I wish I was that way inclined but alas, I am not.

Here's what works for me.

1. Getting my butt outside
This will only work when I'm below say 7/10 on the stress-o-meter. Anything above that and leaving the house is a NOPE. Oh and obviously it has to be a nice, clear day for this to work - ain't nobody got time to battle with an umbrella when they're trying to wind down.

Getting some fresh air and aimlessly taking myself out for a walk when I'm feeling a bit riled up really helps. Okay, I say aimlessly but I've been known to walk very much with purpose just for a gingerbread man or jam doughnut from Simmons.

Anyway, the point is that the fresh air and change of scenery clears my head and allows me to gain a new perspective. Plus, if i'm ragey stressed then it really helps me to calm the eff down.

2. Having a good cry
I am a very transparent person as in, whatever emotion I am feeling inside tends to be written all over my face. I'm also no good at bottling things up (a positive trait, mostly) so having a good ol' blub isn't unusual for me. And y'know what? 9/10 I feel so much better after letting it all out.

I'm sure I read somewhere that stress-induced crying actually releases toxins and negative tension-related chemicals (lol, look at me trying to be all technical) and I like to believe that it does.

3. Having a rant
I'm forever thankful that I have a husband who is happy (I use that term loosely) to allow me to vent to him whenever the need arises. Okay, so he may not be listening per se but, it really helps to have someone there to spout all my incoherent thoughts and frustrations to, even if he says nothing back. A lot of the time, it will make me realise how bloody ridiculous I'm being.

Again, it's all about perspective.

4. Writing down everything that needs to be done.
My no.1 source of stress boils down to feeling overwhelmed by my list of to-dos. I'll vision them piling up in my head and instead of girl-bossing the crap out of them; I end up procrastinating - or taking a nap.

However, I recently discovered that if I physically scribble all my tasks down, they become real and manageable and less daunting. Most the time there's not as much to do as I initially thought so I'm able to crack on and get shit done.

5. Watching something familiar
When my brain is frazzled I crave comfort and familiarity. And this comes perfectly in the form of a well-loved film - Pixar films are an instant pick-me-up (Mean Girls, White Chicks or pretty much any Adam Sandler movie work a treat too) - or an episode of Friends I've seen a zillion times before.

6. Its burrito time.
This comes hand in hand with no.5.

Nope, I don't eat them, I become one. Wrapping myself up in all the blankets so that I resemble some kind of Mexican street food is an instant comforter. It must be a physiological thing that stems back to being a baby, but it makes me feel safe and assured that all will be alright in the end.

7. Pouring a glass of wine (weekends only).
I probably shouldn't be advocating this but hey, this is my list and a nice glass of vino helps ME to de-stress.

In my opinion, there's abso nothing wrong with having the occasional glass of wine to relax, as long as you're not dependent on it and blah blah blah. Wine is to be enjoyed and one of it's perks is that it helps me to loosen up and let go of the stresses of the week. A glass of smooth red and a few squares of dark chocolate is one of my favourite things on a Friday evening.

8. Switching off.
And by switch off I mean prise my phone from my hand and leave it well alone. Scrolling through my Instagram/Facebook feed when I'm feeling as deflated as a popped lilo is only gonna lead to me comparing my life to the glossy highlights of those that I follow and that's never good.

9. Taking a long hot bath.
Oh yes, the big cliché.

There's a reason this appears on every single 'how to relax/de-stress/unwind/ FEEL LIKE A FUCKING GODDESS AGAIN' list, and that's because it works wonders.

As well as being good for relieving built up tension in the muscles and body, a hot bath is the ultimate way to relax the mind.

My perfect bath situation involves lighting a couple of candles and putting on some music (nothing too upbeat mind).

Don't be fooled though, contrary to what many a blogger may tell you, your bath needn't be a multitude of rainbow water and foam for it to be a healer. A splash of lavender oil or specific stress-relief bath soak like this one from Radox works a dream.

10. Accepting the things I can't change.
This is a brand new concept for me and one I'm still trying to ingrain into my mind. In the past I've spent far too long stressing about things that are beyond my control. By learning to accept these things I'm hoping that I'll have more energy to put into the things I can do something about.

So tell me, what are your ultimate stress busters?
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  1. Going for a walk and having a good cry really help me de-stress as well! :)



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