7 Jan 2017

Why I Don't Set New Years Resolutions

I don't believe in setting New Years resolutions, nuh uh. Sure, in the past I've started a New Year with a burst of motivation and a list of things to achieve (or give up) absolutely fucking DETERMINED that I'd do it, positive that I would end the year as an improved, healthier, sparklier version of myself.

I mean, what better time to turn over a new leaf than the start of a new year?

Yet, despite this initial grit and determination, I always always ALWAYS fell off the wagon come February, if not before. My shortest resolution lasted just 2 days. 48 HOURS before I quit.

And afterwards I'd always beat myself up about it, eventually coming to the conclusion that I had zero motivation and that I was doomed if I ever wanted to better myself. Nah, not gonna happen.

Spoiler alert: I was wrong.

If this sounds like you, then don't worry because it's not you. It's not because you're a rubbish human who lacks willpower or drive, it's just that the whole idea, the very concept of new years resolutions is seriously flawed.

Think about it, you've just had a whole month of overindulgence (in all senses: spending, socialising, food and drink) yet before you can mumble the words 'Happy New Year', it's all over and you're tossed back into the real world. Your bank balance is looking less than rosy, your jeans a little snugger than they were 3 cheeseboards and 2 tubs of celebrations ago and the grim reality of early starts, commuting, bleak cold days and long nights kicks in.


When it's a mission to wake up and drag yourself out of bed in the morning, how the flip are you supposed to stick to resolutions? (Some of which, let's face it are things that society says we should do, rather than things we actually want to do).

So yeah, instead of pressuring myself to kick the new year off by trying to change, I'm focusing on my happiness and mental well being. During this gloomy month I'm going to cut myself some slack and allow myself some down time when I feel I need it most, without feeling guilty. Oh and I'm gonna make a dent in my Xmas chocolate stash. That box of Guylian isn't gonna eat itself..

Goals are important to have yes but they can wait. And when I do set them, they will be things that I really want to do and y'know what? I'll smash them 💪

Who's with me?

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What are your thoughts on New Years resolutions? Waste of time or nah?


  1. I agree with you so much, making drastic changes all at once never works. My main focus at the moment is getting through these wintry days as best as I can. The darker nights are great for working on my reading goal though. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  2. Love the post. Completely agree with what you're saying about how the hell are we meant to try and jump straight into resolutions when we've just had the most food/drink/party-est time of the year?!

    Loveeee Guylian chocs too, yum!

    Melissa x



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