1 Feb 2017

Bringing The Outside In With A Botanical Inspired Bathroom

I'm sure you would all agree that in an ideal house situation, a bathroom is a tranquil space in which you can freshen up, bathe and ultimately relax as you allow the stresses of daily life to ooze out of your pores.

We (Ed and I) are insanely lucky because, not only does our modest two bed home have a large bathroom, but the previous owners did it up just before we bought the house (tastefully, I must add). It's clean and neutral, with stone effect floor tiles, cream wall tiles and my favourite thing: a contemporary shower bath with one of those massive shower heads that make you feel like you're in a tropical rainforest when you're stood under it.

So yeah, we have a bathroom reminiscent of one you might find in a decent hotel. Not quite a 5* establishment (no his & hers sinks or jacuzzi setting in the bath *sob*) but it's pretty damn lovely.

Especially in comparison to our ancient blue (yes the actual units are pale blue) kitchen that's falling apart, quite literally - the front of a draw came off in my very hands this morning.

Anyway, after a year of living in our house, I've concluded that the bathroom is crying out for a personality injection; a bit of sprucing up and making our own. An easy exercise really, just a lick of paint and some well placed accessories is all it would take.  

And after some careful consideration (read: browsing on Pinterest) I decided that I'm going to bring the outside in to create a botanical inspired space: using pops of green, leafy prints and bamboo accessories to design a bathroom that feels fresh, vitalising and inviting whilst still maintaining a light and airy vibe.

I thought I'd share a few pieces I found on the good ol' web, just in case you too have a burning desire to turn your bathroom into a tropical haven. I'm hopeful that this spurs me on to actually get on and DO IT.

I particularly love the ceramic leaf vase. I can just imagine it sat on the windowsill with some lucky bamboo poking out the top of it, lovely.

Another fave is the bamboo bathtub rack. Why has it only just dawned on me that I need one of these in my life? Apparently it's ideal for storing bathing essentials but all I can think about is how it'd be great at keeping my glass of vino within easy each. Bathing level: expert.

Botanical bathroom style

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1. Christy Meadow 'Supreme' towels - Debenhams//2. Pebble bathroom light pull - Homebase//3. Palm leaf diffuser - Next//4. Bamboo soap dispenser - IKEA//5. bamboo bathtub rack - habitat//6. Indoor plant, fern - best4garden.co.uk//7. Leaf print laundry bag - Next//8. Palm ceramic vase - Next//9. bamboo mirror - Homebase//10. Ceramic and bamboo soap dish - Homebase//11. Green fig and bamboo ceramic jar candle - aflamecandles.co.uk//12. bamboo duck board - Dunelm//13. Oval tropical print - Etsy

What does your dream bathroom look like?
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  1. I am in love with this scheme! I love anything tropical :)



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