28 Feb 2017

The Pregnancy Diaries || My First Trimester

PHEW, well I'm glad that's out in the open.

By that I mean the fact that I'm with baby, preggers, up the duff, expecting - whatever you want to call it. Read the 'big announcement' here if you like.

Although it was totally my decision not to let the cat out of the bag until I was 12 weeks gone, (I'm a private person and wanted to wait 'til I was out of the 'danger zone') it was bloody HARD to keep it from my closest friends and family. Literally one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

Anyway, now that almost everyone is aware of the impending arrival nestling away in my womb I thought I'd start a pregnancy journal of sorts, to record and remember the all-important pregnancy milestones, especially as it's all new to me. I'm going to write it all up on here, on the ol' blog.

The first entry - this one that I'm writing - will be a summary of the entire first trimester. A little recap of the first 13 weeks, prompted by little headings.

After that, you can expect smaller, fortnightly updates and snippets of how me and bubs are doing.

Let's begin shall we..

The day I found out

I first peed on a stick to test for pregnancy on 28th December 2016. It was purely a precautionary test (I won't go into the deets) so when the barely-there, faintest little blue line appeared I thought SWEET FLIPPIN' JESUS, it can't be, can it?

After staring at the test until I was practically cross-eyed I took it downstairs to Ed to assess, who was cooking dinner at the time. He too stood and squinted at the test, unsure what to make of the result.

A seed of uncertainty was planted in both of our minds.

A quick Google search told me that in the event of a very faint positive result, you should retest 48 hours later to allow the HGC hormone (if present) level to rise.

So after what felt like the longest 48 hours EVER, I took another test and lo and behold, mere minutes later the second line appeared.

This time there was no mistaking it. WE WERE GONNA HAVE A BABY.

How did I react?

I have no shame in saying baby Burrage wasn't planned so I was shocked (understatement) to learn of the new state of affairs. We'd agreed to focus 2017 on saving for a new kitchen, as that is the only thing holding us back from truly loving our house.

So yeah, I won't lie, at first I was annoyed with myself for letting it happen so soon. It panicked me. We had only just paid off our credit card bill that we racked up getting married in July. Would we cope financially?

However, emotionally I feel ready to be a Mum. I've always known I want kids (2 to be precise) and I'm in a stable, loving relationship, I have a house, a reliable, regular income and an overwhelmingly HUGE support network. A baby just completes that.

Any symptoms?

I'm sure there's many expectant mothers out there with their heads thrust down the loo that will curse me because I've had zero morning sickness. None whatsoever.

I didn't escape scot-free though. I've suffered with mood swings, bloatedness, a lovely bout of constipation, (seriously, I didn't shit for 5 days) bizarre dreams and the worst one; extreme fatigue.

The constant tiredness is the main reason it's been a lot quieter around here, because baby B has been causing me to drop off on the sofa most nights, robbing me of precious blogging time, the little rascal.

Oh and also I now have a new impressive (albeit slightly sore) set of knockers. This, I don't mind.

What about cravings?

Before I fell pregnant, I loved the idea of cravings, I found them fascinating and I looked forward to seeing what weird and wonderful things my body would crave. What fun I thought.

And all is well and good when what you crave is easily accessible, like when I NEEDED cheese on toast or else, (I gotta tell ya, it's the best feeling when you satisfy that craving) but when you desire something that isn't within your reach, it is bloody horrible.

Ed loves to tell people how I cried because I couldn't have ginger cake. More like he wouldn't go and fetch me any ginger cake, because it was gone 11pm - meanie.

How was the first scan?

Unusually, Ed and I got to see our baby twice in the first trimester. At my booking appointment they insisted that I must be further along than I was (despite me knowing there was only one occasion we could have conceived) so they booked us in for the first scan 2 weeks early.

This was totally fine with me though, my patience had worn thin and I was convinced that the pregnancy was all in my head and that I would get to the scan for them to find my uterus all empty and bare.

Of course I was being silly and I was indeed pregnant. All was well and little bean was developing nicely.

It's the most surreal thing to see a baby alien-looking thing on the screen, knowing it's inside you. You can see a heartbeat, you witness the flickers of movement, but you can't feel it. Bizarre is the only way to describe it.

At the second scan the baby was dated at 13 weeks 1 day and had definitely taken on more of a human form. I was amazed at how much it had grown within 2 1/2 weeks. And the movements, my god. There was arms thrashing around, a casual stroke of the face and even a sneaky yawn. Baby B was fascinating to watch.

Measurements were taken and we were told all looked good. What a relief.

General thoughts and feelings

1. I actually can't wait to look pregnant and not like I've devoured a large Domino's stuffed crust in one sitting.

2. When does it actually start to feel 'real'?

3. If I say it enough times, Ed might start to like the name I want for a baby girl.

4. I hope the Baby Show is worth the jaunt into London on Sunday. I can't wait to test drive the buggies.

5. When will I be struck by the so-called pregnancy glow? I still look like a person who's up every 3 hours in the night to go for a pee - oh wait, that is me.

The joys of pregnancy eh?

I wouldn't have it any other way though, I'm grateful for every moment.
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  1. This is so lovely!! Can't wait to read the rest of your journey makes me smile from ear to ear :D xx


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