14 Mar 2017

I Am a Crap Blogger, Here's Why

I'm no newbie to blogging. I started my first blog at the end of, I wanna say 2014? And I have been spilling my thoughts all over the internet ever since.

So yeah, blogging isn't a fresh concept to me, yet I am still so, soo rubbish at it.

Yep, I hold my hands up. I am shit blogger. At least, according to the bazillion 'how to be a successful blogger' posts out there I am.

In fact, I am the actual worst. Here's why.

I blog off the cuff. I don't, no, CAN'T stick to a blog schedule to save my life. Y'see, having a set what-I-need-to-post-when sucks the joy out of blogging for me and turns it into a bit of a chore, almost like homework. I like my posts to be spontaneous, and I like them to read that way too.

I haven't got a niche. I haven't got enough expertise or interest in one particular subject to dedicate my blog to. I have many things that I enjoy; travelling, fitness, eating, shopping and baking to name a few and I like having the option to write about it all.

My photography sucks. Especially at this time of year where decent natural lighting is like gold dust. I 'm terrible for forgetting to take photos when the perfect opportunity arises. I get too caught up in the moment and then the moment passes me (and my camera) by. Not necessarily a bad trait in life but it's a cardinal sin when you're a blogger.

I frequently neglect my social media accounts. I have a love hate relationship with social media. I won't go into it in great detail (that could be a entire post by itself) but I think it causes as much harm as it does good what with FOMO and bullying and the constant comparing your life to everyone else's. This causes me to be inconsistent with using Twitter and Instagram to promote my blog. Also, not gonna lie, sometimes I just forget..

I don't care about my stats. I did, initially. With my first blog I used to check my analytics daily. I used to check my page views, bounce rate and and all that jazz. And then I realised I don't actually care about the statistics and numbers. I much prefer actual blog comments and engagement.

I don't have an Instagram theme. I get that by having a theme I could increase my followers by 1286% but I want my Instagram to be a reflection of my life and well, my life is a bit here there and everywhere.

I can't always be bothered to blog. I'm not short of ideas for this little blog. There's projects, opinion posts, series', even recipes I wanna share. What I don't have though is a burning desire to consistently churn out content. It all depends what else is going on in my life and what mood I'm in. Sometimes blogging just has to take a back seat, and I'm not sorry for that. Time is precious.

I don't have enough 'stuff'. Apparently you don't need to spend a lot to be a big blogging success. I disagree (on the whole). Blogging has become ridiculously competitive these days and to keep up you need to have the latest products or be seen sporting the latest trends. Fine for the internet famous who get sent truckloads of freebies, but not so great for those trying to claw their way up and make a career out of it.

I can't take selfies. It's actually embarrassing how many times I have to take an almost-identical-but-ever-so-slightly-different photo of my face before I get one that I'm happy enough to share with the world. I'm just not photogenic, okay?

So there we have it, the reasons why I am an absolutely shocking blogger. Nevertheless, I enjoy it as a hobby and plan to continue with it, shit or not. Anyone else guilty of the above?

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  1. I bloody love this! Good to see a bit of raw honesty and I'm exactly the same lol! Some days I really just can't be bothered or a do a post then think nah! Never stick to a shedule life is too much too sometimes!
    My favourite post I think I've ever seen! ����

  2. You sound exactly like me. I blog when I want too, I just can't stick to a schedule or churn out content as often as a lot of people seem to. I was finishing off writing a post at the weekend and all I needed was to find some photos for it. I wanted to get it done and published that evening (Sunday) as I realised that was a good time to catch everyone to read it. But then I thought I really can't be bothered and does it really matter if I get it out now or in a few days time. The answer was no, so I left it. I'll do it when I feel like it!
    Amy at Amy & More


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