8 Mar 2017

The One Outfit I Need In My Wardrobe This Spring

I have a real bad tendency to overcomplicate things. I do it at home, at work and also when blogging.

For some reason, it's embedded in my brain that for a post to be worthy of a publish, it needs to be meaty and long (no innuendo intended) and crammed full of 'content'.

It's weird because personally, the posts I most enjoy reading are the ones I can digest easily when I've got a few minutes to spare. The ones I can read whilst I'm trying to coax myself out from under my duvet in the morning, the ones I can skim through whilst I'm impatiently waiting for my pasta to cook.

Sure, I love a juicy post that I can sink my teeth into - ones that get me thinking for hours afterwards - but I have to be in the right mindset for them.

With that in mind I'm going to write some smaller, little snippet posts that I'll TRY my damned hardest not to overevaluate or overcomplicate.

Who knows, they could be my best yet.

Today's post revolves around one particular outfit I'm lusting over this Spring. I can only dream though as I've banned myself from clothes shopping until I either have a neat little baby bump or y'know, morph into a shapeless blob due to my new found desire, nope, NEED for chocolate.

(Seriously, I could give or take it before but now it's quickly becoming it's own food group)

Anyway, here she is, the outfit in question..

Okay let's talk about the blouse. On paper, a frilly blouse adorned with a garish tiger, flower and leaf print sounds hideous, right? Like something your Nan may have sported in the 80's along with a dodgy bouffant hairstyle.

However, H&M have somehow managed to pull it off, creating something rather special. The pastel lilac mutes the statement print, making it perfect for Spring and the frills add a romantic element, keeping it fresh, feminine and very on trend.

I think it's perfection tbh.

With such a statement piece as the focal point, the rest of the outfit needs to be kept simple. I'd wear it with light wash raw-hem jeans, a pair of silver flats, like these ones from Office (pssst they're only £10 in the sale) a simple white cross body satchel bag and finally, a pair of chic cat-eye sunglasses.

Whatcha think ladies?

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  1. I am going to snap up those silver pumps!!! So cute!

  2. I'm the same, I like reading long posts but sometimes I'm just not in the mood. Love those sunglasses as well, I thought they were a Fendi pair and when I saw how inexpensive these were I was so happy!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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