29 Mar 2017

The Pregnancy Diaries || Weeks 14-18

Well hey there beautiful people.

Today I am back with the second installment of my pregnancy diaries; where I will be updating y'all on how me and the teeny tiny human - apparently he or she is the size of a bell pepper now - are getting on.

To be honest, the last few weeks have been a complete blur. Sadly we had a bereavement in the family that threw us all into limbo. It was completely unexpected and we're still trying to grasp the reality of it. NOT GOOD.

So yes, thoughts on my pregnancy have understandably taken a backseat. Easily done as baby Burrage has been a little gem, not causing me any trouble at all. Well, except for a bit of lower back pain and the odd bit of heartburn which I've never experienced before. FYI it really does BURN, who knew eh?

Otherwise I'm all good on the physical front. My energy levels have thankfully improved. I mean, they're still not great, (most nights I can be found snoozing in front of the telly by 9:30pm, much to Ed's amusement) but I have managed to claw back enough energy to make it through a whole day at work without battling to keep my eyes open.

My boobs have also stopped ballooning (for now), which I'm grateful for as I was almost spilling out of my new bras and living in permanent fear of nip-slips isn't the one, I'm telling ya.

Ooh, whilst I'm on the subject of boobs and bras I must mention that these cotton bralets from Matalan have been an absolute godsend. I can highly recommend them if you're preggers or even if you just like to feel comfortable but also supported. Also, £6 for 2? Say whut?

Finally, the most exciting development: I CAN FINALLY SEE A BUMP. Okay, to other people it may look like I've just inhaled a large big Mac meal, but I know the difference. I love my protruding belly because it makes it, THIS feel real. Y'see throughout this pregnancy there's only been a couple of occasions (the scans) where I've actually felt like a mum-to-be and not a fraud.

Other general thoughts and feelings

1. Still waiting for this so-called pregnancy glow. Mother nature, where you at? You're slacking girl.

2. My belly button is already starting to come out, is this normal or am I gonna end up with some sort of nub on my bump?

3. My halfway scan is on the horizon. I can't wait to see baby again and to know whether we will be having a little boy or girl, eeek.

4. Goodbye high-waisted skinny jeans. Until next year, my pretties. You'll be missed.

5. Not that I need it quite yet but maternity clothing in store is shit. One rail in the whole of New Look? Cheers pals. There's a good range online but surely if there's one time in a womans life where she NEEDS to try before she buys it's when she's pregnant, no?

6. Is that fluttering feeling in my tummy the baby? My midwife said it would be around now that I'd start feeling movement. HOW EXCITING.
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