25 Apr 2017

The Bumps Debut, ft. The Faux Suede Pink Jacket

I've never felt the Monday blues as strongly as I feel it today. It's hit me with such a force that to be honest, if I wasn't at work, around people, I'd probably have let out a little cry by now.

On Saturday evening I came back from an *almost* week-long holiday in Cornwall. I had such a great break; the weather was glorious, the scenery even more so. It was exactly what I needed, although I didn't realise it at the time. It's like I wasn't aware of how stressed and tightly wound up I was, until I could feel the tension seep out of my pores whilst I was meandering around the picturesque Cornish coastline.

It was the first time in forever where I fully switched off, where I allowed my brain to relax and take a holiday too.

I genuinely didn't think about anything or anyone else whilst I was there. Six whole blissful days of no work, no worrying and no overthinking. It was bloody marvelous.

But now I'm back to normality I'm already feeling overwhelmed and very much the pregnant cliche - exhausted and hella hormonal, lucky Ed. Here's hoping (for both our sakes) that I bounce back real soon.

Anyway, as always I'm veering off on a tangent (it's no wonder I sucked at essay writing in college).

I didn't intend this to be a 'woe is me' post but rather a post all about this little ensemble I wore yesterday whilst I was grabbing some last minute vitamin D and ignoring the fact Monday was looming.

I don't do them very often anyway, but this is the first outfit post I've done since I've been up the duff. It's the debut of the bump. It's funny how it looks so diddy here - in some outfits it looks absolutely friggin' huge, like scary I'VE STILL GOT 18 WEEKS OF GROWING TO DO, huge.

Jeans paired with a white top will always be a winner. It's a classic combo that never fails to look put together yet casual, abso perfect for Sundays imo.

The lacey top was Primark buy a few weeks ago. I was drawn to it's simple shape, pattern and subtle bell sleeves that are statement enough to look all boho and cute but not so OTT that they're likely to make their way into your dinner.

I tend to wear it over different coloured cami tops to match whatever else I've got on but I also think it'd look great thrown over a bikini or cute bralet come Summer/festival season. Not that I'll personally be wearing it like that this year, ha.

The dreamy faux suede jacket is my fave buy of this year. The simple silver detailing, raw collar and boxy shape make it ideal for wearing with more fitted or tailored pieces. I'm desperate to try it with a stripy shirt dress when the weather gets a little warmer.

Lastly, the shoes. These pointy pink pumps are last years faves that I found lurking in the back of my wardrobe (I've linked a v. similar pair below). I love how they are the exact same shade as the jacket. Anyone else feel a strong sense of pride when they can perfectly match things in an outfit?

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  1. Your bump looks lovely in that outfit!! I hope you feel less stressed and blue soon!! :) xo


  2. Lovely outfit & cute little bump! You look amazing :-)


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