16 Apr 2017

The Pregnancy Diaries || Halfway Through

20 weeks. How the flippety flip am I halfway through this pregnancy already?

There's only 20ish weeks until my life changes forever, scary huh?  Although, I doubt the second half will pass by as quickly as the first, what with the inevitable tree trunk ankles, restless nights, inability to bend down and all the fun stuff that I've yet to come. I reckon the last month will go past at a crawling, or should I say waddling pace.

Anyway, it's time for an update.

Although there has only been a few developments since my last pregnancy diaries post; they are biggies and I'm excited to share them with you.

Over the last week or so, my belly has literally popped. It's rounded and definitely identifiable as a baby bump, which is nice - I can now show it off with pride. Baby's recent growth spurt has also meant that the flutters I was feeling have now become full blown kicks, and they are happening much more frequently. They tend to occur the most at night and shortly after I've eaten big meals. I can even feel them from the outside when they're particularly strong.

I've also 'announced' our news on Facebook, something I was putting off for as long as possible because I know it's just gossip for a lot of 'friends' I have on there. I went in subtly and uploaded a photo of Ed and I, captioning it 'first photo of the three of us' hinting at the bump poking out from behind my striped midi skirt.

So yeah, all these things mean that I'm finally feeling pregnant! About bloody time eh?

Lastly, I know. I know the sex.


I took my Mum along for my 20 week scan and I made sure as soon as we stepped foot in the scan room that the sonographer (I think that's the technical term for 'scan lady') knew I wanted to know, if possible, whether I'm having a boy or girl.

I was so fucking anxious before that scan. Seriously, I haven't felt that shaky and sick from nerves since my last driving test.

It really doesn't help that they refer to the scan as an anomaly scan because you know they're solely looking for problems, that they're looking for ANYTHING not quite 'normal' about the baby. It's a worrying time for any parent-to-be.

I barely slept the night before and had that horrid queasy, nauseous feeling right up until I could see my baby on that screen. It was almost as if my anxiety was passed down to the little one, as they were turned away, curled up in a ball, spine facing my belly. My Mum kindly pointed out that it looked like something from the Alien films - cheers Mum.

Thankfully, although difficult to scan properly this time, baby B got the all clear. Apart from some slightly longer-than-average legs (courtesy of 6 ft 2" Ed, I imagine) he's absolutely perfect.

That's right, WE'RE HAVING A BOY. He didn't try to hide it either, twice we got a nice clear image of his manhood in all it's glory.

There was no mistaking it, we are officially members of team blue.

Honestly, either way I would have been equally happy but I love being able to say 'he' and 'him' and to use his future name. I feel as though he's now got a proper identity and a slot within the family.

It's also super nice to be able buy things that relate to the gender (I'm sorry but most unisex stuff is boring AF).

A few family members were rooting for us to have a girl (there's already boys in the family and something different is always nice) but everyone, I think, is excited for his arrival.
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