11 May 2017

The Summer Accessories That I'm Currently Eyeing Up

Here’s some wonderful news for ya. I go on holiday next week. Okay sure, so I don’t leave until Sunday 21st but it still technically counts as next week – yay.

I’m swanning off to Italy, aka my happy place for 5 days with my Husband, Ed. We’re staying in a guest house in a small village that overlooks the beautiful Lake Garda. It’s the last holiday we will be going on before baby Burrage makes his appearance so we are (I am) calling it our babymoon. That’s why we made extra sure to book somewhere quiet, unspoiled and where we can do sweet FA without feeling like we should be doing something, y'know?

I plan to fill my days with leisurely walks, lots of reading (if anyone has any psychological thriller book recommendations, please hook a girl up) and what I always do when I go to Italy: trying to source the best gelato the area has to offer.

Anyway, on a cheeky side note, here are some accessories that I’m currently eyeing up for said holiday. 

Anyone else normally take 4-5 lots of shoes on holiday to only end up flitting between the same 2 pairs the whole time? Just me?

I'm so glad that sliders are 'in' as they are super comfy, great space-savers (we opted for carry-on luggage only) and also allow for my feet to swell up (literally my no.1 fear about being heavily preggo in Summer is the prospect of hideous elephant feet).

Ideally I'd want to take two pairs. A funky OH LOOK IT'S SUMMER pair like these leopard print tassled beauties from M&S and then a practical pair that would go with everything. I'm loving the designer sliders that I'm seeing plastered all over my feeds at the mo. I like how cool and understated they are - this Calvin Klein pair would look a treat with a crisp white shirt dress and a pop of bright coral lipstick.

OH and also paired with no.9. YES, that exact shade of coral, hubba hubba.

A large beach bag is a must for any holiday where doing next-to-nothing is high up on the agenda. I reeaaallly want the embroidered straw one that I spied over on Hannah Gale's blog a couple weeks ago but the fabric tote no. from Forever 21 comes a v. close second.

Jewellery wise, even when on holiday I still like to keep things simple, favouring simple gold or silver pieces over more brightly coloured items; reason being that I'm a lazy jewellery wearer and forget to put it on altogether 96% of the time.

The shell pearl earrings from Boohoo are a steal at only £3 and are the perfect accessory to make a statement without the worry if they'll actually go with anything.

Lastly, I must mention rainbow lense sunglasses. Can we just. I spotted this Rayban pair on ASOS a few weeks back and have been on the hunt for a cheaper alternative ever since. And whilst I did find a near exact dupe over on New Look, I actually prefer the retro round style of this pair from River Island.

I wonder if they make everything look as magical as they seem that they would....

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  1. Babymoon, hahaha! That really made me laugh!
    I love the idea of those sunglasses, but as I found out today, that shape just does NOT suit me. Actually, not many sunnies suit me to be fair and I remember finding a good pair once and immediately breaking them...oh well! I do like the escape and the orange bag though, awesome statement pieces :)

    Katie | inthelifeofdreams.blogspot.co.uk


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