3 May 2017

Review || The New-Look Beefeater, The Stanborough

Beefeater is a household name and a restaurant that I grew up with. There used to be one in my old hometown that we'd go to regularly as a family, especially when my Grandparents came to stay (you know how old people like their traditional fare; meat and two veg and all that).

However, because that particular restaurant was taken over by another chain, the visits stopped. In fact, until Sunday, I'd not been to a Beefeater in YEARS.

So obviously when Beefeater's PR team got in contact to invite me to review the new look Stanborough restaurant, I said a HELL YES. I was intrigued to see how the restaurant had changed and evolved over the years.

We arrived for our reservation at 6pm, where we were promptly greeted and shown to our table by a very smiley member of staff.

On first glance around the restaurant, everything looked fresh and new as a result of the recent revamp. The seating area was very spacious and open, and the decor very contemporary. I loved the various meat and culinary themed artwork dotted about.

I like how despite the update, the place still oozes that family-friendly, homely Beefeater vibe - it would have been a shame if they'd lost it.

Now onto the main event, THE FOOD.

Beefeater have recently introduced a limited-edition 'Taste of Britain' menu, comprising of modern British classics with a twist.

Ed and I decided that between the two of us, we would sample a few of these new dishes as well as some Beefeater classics.

To start I ordered the crispy flat cap mushrooms whilst Ed opted for the ploughman's pork pie. Both were presented beautifully (in fact, all our food was, TOP MARKS).

Taste-wise the mushrooms were juicy on the inside, crisp on the outside and went down a treat with the ranch and BBQ dips, lovely.

The pork pie was well, I'm gonna be honest, it was a nice pork pie. The pastry, although light and flaky was slightly too thick. It kinda overpowered the delicate flavour of the pork, especially when combined with the strong (albeit delicious) tangy flavour of the Beefeaters signature brown sauce.

My choice of main (I went for the British crab linguine) was inspired by my recent trip to Cornwall - I'd tried crab for the first time and very much enjoyed it.

The pasta was cooked perfectly, the crab was plentiful but unfortunately the sauce was lacking flavour, I couldn't detect the chili at all.

I much preferred Ed's order of duo of beef: combination of the finest cuts of the most tender, fall off the bone, beef short rib and slices of smoky beef brisket.

That beef short rib was dreamy. It literally melted in the mouth. So tender, so juicy. Much deliciousness. The brisket was lovely too, the smoky flavour was spot on, my only critisism (and it's a small one) is that it was a tad on the greasy side.

All the sides complemented the meat well. I especially enjoyed the spiced bbq beans and the refillable chunky chips were a hit with Ed. I'm not convinced they were actually triple cooked, they just didn't seem crispy enough, but they were tasty nonetheless.

We rounded our evening off with a banoffee pie and a berry and brioche butter pud. Both of which met expectations and went down well. I was particularly impressed that the berry pudding looked exactly like the one in the menu, THAT NEVER HAPPENS.


Our server on the night was very friendly and attentive, always popping over to check everything was alright or to ask if we wanted anything else; drink refills, condiments etc. She honestly couldn't have done more.

However, despite the great service, I did feel slightly rushed. Our drinks order was taken before we'd even sat down and we were asked twice in the space of 10 minutes if we knew what we wanted to order. Like, what kind of superhuman can decide what they want to eat that quickly?!

To be fair, they were v. busy so I expect they were trying to churn people through as fast as possible. I don't know. It's just maybe not the place to go if you're after somewhere for a leisurely date or catch up on a weekend.

Nevertheless the ambiance was good and the food, on the whole, exceeded our expectations (I will stick to the food that they're known for next time, though) and was decent value for money.

Overall, Ed and I really enjoyed our visit to The Stanborough. We even made sure to grab a loyalty card on our way out. Says it all really.

We will be back.

* I was gifted a voucher for our meal in exchange for an honest review. However, as always, all opinions and words are 100% my own.


  1. Oh wow this all looks so yummy! Gemma x

  2. The food looks amazing. I hate when waiters rush you but at least they were attentive and didnt forget about you I hate that more.

    The Beauty Load


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