9 Jun 2017

Baby Room Update

It’s been a whole month since my Mum and I set about on transforming my drab and dreary spare room aka, the dumping room into a nursery so I thought it was time to update you on how it’s coming along.

Answer: Bloody nicely.

Here’s how it currently looks. Fresh, bright and ready to accept the furniture set - which is being delivered today, eek.

Ahem, excuse the poor quality snaps. And Henry the Hoover's photobombing. 

In my previous 'baby room' post I explained that we were about to start the gruelling, yet very necessary task of stripping and prepping the walls, ready to wallpaper and paint.

And what a crap job that was. The combination of crooked, century-old walls and previous owners who clearly didn’t care for doing any kind of DIY/interior job properly, meant that it took a long old time to get the walls to a point where we (I say we, but my Mums the one who actually knows what she’s doing) were ready to advance to the next stage: the actual decorating.

In a bid to keep the room as bright and airy as possible (natural light is scarce in that part of our house, as you can probably see) we've opted for a primarily white colour scheme; with a 'feature wall/corner' of light greyish blue and hints of oak that will be introduced with the furniture and blinds etc.

To add texture and create more of a homely, baby-friendly feel to the room, (plain white walls can look a bit clinical imo) a stripy. textured wallpaper was applied and then given a lick of paint to freshen it up. I love the way it looks - it complements the panelling on our Ikea day bed a treat.

So yeah, we're well on the way to creating the perfect space for baby Burrage. Once the furniture is in and assembled the fun really can really begin. I can't wait to add all the personal touches.

Just less than 3 months to go little man.

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