29 Jun 2017

The Pregnancy Diaries || Less Than 10 Weeks To Go

As the title suggests, it's less than 10 weeks until D Day, aka my due date. It's actually 2 months today. And if that's not a scary thought, I dunno what is.

Now, please excuse me whilst I go scream into a pillow and discreetly shit myself. 

It's been a while since my last bump-date, a bit too long to be honest. My excuse? I don't have one. I just haven't felt like anything related to my pregnancy has been worthy of a share. I've not had any weird or wacky cravings, I've not had any unusual symptoms, or ANY symptoms really. I've just been plodding along as normal.

It was only a week or so ago that I really started to notice the toll pregnancy is taking on my body. My bump is quite impressive now - it feels as though I've got a bowling ball surgically attached to my torso - and it's making carrying out the most simplest of tasks; eating at a table, tying my shoelaces, even getting out of bed, a bit of a struggle. My poor lungs are really having to compete for space and even brisk walking leaves me huffing and puffing.

My energy levels are also crap, HELLO PREGNANCY FATIGUE, nice of you to swing by to haunt me again.

So yeah, physically I'm having to slow down. I should be embracing it - I mean it's basically a free pass to be lazy (and who wouldn't want that) but I'm finding it frustrating. I wanna be able do things, to get stuff done without feeling the urge to nap halfway through.

Mentally, I'm also struggling a bit. Lately my mood has resembled one of those zig zag lines you get on a heart monitor. It's very up and down but then I guess that's to be expected what with the fluctuating levels of hormones coursing through my veins.

However, today I'm feeling rather spritely and dare I say it, positive. I've got a couple of my best gals coming round shortly to discuss what I've learnt in yesterdays antenatal class, (why is everything to do with childbirth SO GROSS) eat nachos and play Mario Kart.

I can't bloody wait.

Until next time friends.

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