5 Jul 2017

Things You Should Never Say To Another Human Being

There are certain things, opinions and phrases that should never be voiced to another human being. They are unnecessary, can come across as rude and will almost always be taken the wrong way by the recipient.

Yet despite this, I can 100% guarantee that you’ve said most, if not all of these AND have had them said to you, on numerous occasions.

Humans are weird.

“You look tired”

Basically the polite way of saying “you look like crap”. This is my biggest pet peeve because it’s said to me ALL THE BLEEDIN' TIME (damn you, pesky eye bags).

Tired or not, I don't want to be told I look it ta very much.

“Are you alright? You look ill?”

So you wake up, you make a calculated decision to give your face a day off from make-up, a day to breathe. You feel free and fresh-faced. You ask yourself, why you not do this more?

I tell you why. Because as soon as you step foot in the office some smart arse is bound to come bumbling up to tell you that you look a bit peaky.


So yeah, same principle as the above. You’re basically implying that someone looks god damn awful without knowing they feel it. Best not to say anything at all unless you know for sure that the person in question is feeling rough.

Actually scrap that, even if they are clearly under the weather the last thing they need is you saying that they look it.

“When are you having a baby/getting married.”

This is totally fine to say if you know the person and their lifestyle situation really, really well. If not, avoid asking this question, as you’ll more than likely piss them off.

This one is especially one not to say to a couple, as you may fuel an argument that has already caused a huge wedge between them. 

“Cheer up” or "smile"

If you're a victim of 'resting bitch face' like me then this one is very self explanatory. LEAVE ME ALONE FFS, THIS IS JUST MY FACE.

Also, even if I am a bit down, you telling me to cheer up is about as helpful as a chocolate teapot.

“No offense, but”

If you have to say this teeny little disclaimer before spewing out your opinion then you're 100% going to offend someone with it. Keep it to yourself, yeah?

“You’re nicer than I thought you would be.”

The biggest backhanded compliment known to man. Great, you like me...wait a minute, what exactly have people been saying about me behind my back? Why did you have this pre conceived idea that I was going to be some raging super bitch?

“That looks disgusting”

Another of my biggest pet hates. The beauty of going out to eat at a restaurant is that you can cater to your own tastes and order things that you like. Why people feel the need to comment on what you're about to tuck into is beyond me.

The worst is when someone makes a comparison between your food and something gross you definitely would not want to eat. I do not need nor want to know that you think my Stoganoff looks like a plate of mushed up dog food.


“You’re so quiet”

I'm an introvert with slight social anxiety so it's in my very nature (especially when flung into the middle of a big group) to be reserved and quiet. And although it's something I've come to accept over the years, there's still a big part of me that wishes I could change it.

I'm also very self-conscious about it, so when it'a pointed out I feel 10 times worse. In fact, I could end up agonising over that little throw away comment for hours.

*insert comment about someones weight*

Mentioning anyone's weight is never a good idea. Its a complete mine field - even when you think you're paying them a compliment it could backfire and you could end up hurting their feelings. It's wise not to say anything at all, unless they've commented first or made it blatantly obvious that they want your input.

A good alternative thing to say? "you're looking well."

What things do you think should be banned from coming out of peoples mouths?


  1. Oh my god I hate it when people tell me to smile! I remember walking through the city once and someone came up to me and told me I'd dropped something. When I asked what they told me "your smile." I felt like I wanted to slap them in the face, haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I do, I think it's so rude, especially when it's a stranger as they don't know if you're genuinely having a bad day or if you just have RBF. Totally wouldn't have blamed you if you had punched them in the face x

  2. Yes to all of these - I have the same thing with 'your so quiet' - I'd also like to add 'I love you but (insert nasty comment)' and 'I thought you were really boring'


    1. Yes! great additions - both of which I've had said to me several times x

  3. People tell me to smile all the time. (I definitely have RBF). Sometimes I say, "I am happy - this is just my face!) xx


    1. It's so annoying isn't it because there's literally nothing you can do about it haha. I try and smile casually sometimes but I just look creepy AF x

  4. AH you're so right about all of these. Especially, oh, you look tired, because there's literally nothing in that moment you can do about it.

    xx Pia

  5. Yessss! Pisses me off how people have the cheek to say some of these things. The 'cheer up' comment annoys me, especially if you are having a bad time or suffer from low moods/anxiety like I do. It's not exactly helpful!

    Great post! xx


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