7 Aug 2017

My Afternoon Tea Themed Baby Shower

Last Sunday was my baby shower. A special day hosted by my lovely Mum at her house in honour of her first grandchild - baby Albie.

The theme was afternoon tea so there was an array of dinky sandwiches on offer as well as; a variety of tea, Pimms, scones with jam & clotted cream and, of course, a tonne of CAKE. Because what's an afternoon tea without a shed-load of indulgent, sugary treats that leave you feeling a *bit* like alien Mr Burns?

On the day we were joined by our lovely (apologies in advance for exhausting the word lovely but y’know, everything was v. lovely indeed) female friends and family who left me and bump feeling well and truly loved and spoilt. We received so many really sweet and thoughtful gifts, many of which made us all 'awww' in chorus.

Typical women eh?

Honestly, I was so overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. I couldn't and still can't thank them enough.

Cupcakes courtesy of one of the aunties-to-be. Yes that is my scan photo..on a bleedin' cupcake - amazing huh?

I always describe my mum as very 'Pinterest' because shes very much into interior design and her presentation and attention to detail is second to none. The shower was no exception. The theme was carried perfectly throughout with the use of dainty tableware and blue accessories such as pom poms, balloons and customisable bunting.

It all looked wonderful. My only regret is that I didn't take more photos but hey, I was too busy enjoying myself.

There's definitely this misconception that baby showers are 'Americanised' aka a bit tasteless and tacky but we definitely expelled this myth. It all looked well thought out and classy - even if I do say so myself (which I do, because it did) and everyone seemed to appreciate the thought and effort that had gone into it. Bravo Mum.

I had originally planned for us to play several baby-related games but as the day was flowing so well with everyone just mingling, swigging back copious amounts of tea and munching cake I only brought out the two least intrusive ones.

One involved people cutting string to a length that they thought would match the circumference of the bump - dangerous as they all guessed I was a lot bigger than I am, ha.

It literally was a perfect afternoon. It left me buzzing, and not just because of the excessive sugar consumption either.

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