27 Aug 2017

Post-Pregnancy Fashion Wishlist

Baby Burrage is due in just 2 short days. TWO DAYS PEOPLE. I told the ice-cream woman this yesterday (she asked - I don't make a habit of telling random people that I'm about to drop any minute; although, it is pretty flippin' obvious, I'm humungous) and she looked shocked. Probably surprised I was out and about and not at home frantically scrubbing the skirting boards.

Anyway yes, my pregnancy is finally coming to an end. I'm so unbelievably close to meeting our baby and breathing in his sweet baby smell. Just think of the snuggles, I actually can't wait.

Another thing I can't wait for, that kinda comes hand in hand with the whole giving birth thing is being able to wear 'normal' clothes again. Clothes that aren't frumpy and that don't have elasticated side panels. Hell to the yeah.

I am planning to breastfeed (or at least give it a go) and I know that I'll still appear 6 months preggo for a good few weeks so I will be wearing what I can to accommodate this. Think button down and wrap styles, forgiving fabrics and figure skimming pieces.

Here are the high-street buys that I'd happily let slide into my postpartum wardrobe.

Confession: I've already bought number 1. It's an ideal shade and thickness for Autumn and I love it's ironic message (I don't think mums ever get a day off, do they?) Also, HELLO SLOGAN JUMPER BANDWAGON.

I also need the wrap plisse jumpsuit in my life. I got a load of wear out of my plisse trousers during my pregnancy and this jumpsuit would make for a nice little upgrade. I'm thinking it would be perfect to sport on those days where putting together an outfit is too much like hard work.

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