20 Dec 2017

6 Of The Best Baby Buys For A First-Time Mum


Not sure if anyone actually noticed that I took a rather lengthy break away from my blog but nevertheless, hi. I am back posting. YAY.

It will come as no surprise that what you're about to read is baby-related. Y'see, ever since Albie landed into my life, he has consumed 90% of my time, thoughts and energy. If not more. Whenever he is within a 100m radius, he is all I can focus on.

Seriously guys, the baby-brain struggle is real. Last week I popped into Morrisons to pick up all the essentials (mince pies, brandy cream and diet coke - in case you were wondering). I packed and paid for my shopping at the self scan tills, walked home pleased as punch with my little haul to only have it dawn on me that I'd fucking left it there.

I was MORTIFIED. I was so embarrassed that I refused to go back and retrieve my abandoned items. Ed had to swing by and pick them up on his way home from work.

My brain at the mo is all baby baby baby. And I've given up trying to fight it, or apologise for it. For now, this is my life.

With that said I'm gonna do a round-up of some - okay 6 - super useful things I've bought as a first-time mum.

Here goes. In no particular order..

1. Baby grows with fold over mitts
These are bloody brilliant. No more faffing around with mitts to stop them scratching themselves accidentally at night. They're also good for keeping their little hands toasty at this time of year. Especially good if your sprog insists in sticking their hands out of the buggy at any given opportunity.

2. U-shaped nursing pillow
This is by far my most used purchase. It was a dream in pregnancy for supporting my bump or my back, depending on where it was wedged. When I was breastfeeding it helped me get Albie in the correct position, allowing me to keep my hands free. Nowadays it's Albie's cosy nest to nap in. I can also see it being useful to provide him with extra support when he learns to sit up unaided.

3. Sleeping bags 
Sticking your little one in a sleeping bag at bedtime is so much easier than having to wrap them up in blankets. They can't be pulled up over the babies head, they are so easy to put on and take off (I just managed to put Albie in his when he was already sparko) and they even have tog ratings, so you can ensure they aren't going to get too hot or cold.

Oh and they're bloody amazing for those middle of the night feeds and nappy changes as you can put them in it before settling them back down. Genius.

4. baby changing bag
I know a lot of mums just use a normal bag and stuff in a few nappies, wipes and be done with it but not me. I'm a disorganised person so having a bag that has been specifically designed to carry everything but the kitchen sink that I could possibly need whilst out and about with the baby has been a godsend. My Melobaby Melotote changing bag is a winner. It hangs perfectly on my pushchair, it has compartments for everything and its wipeable monochrome design has been complimented on numerous times by other mums.

It also comes with a matching nappy wallet and changing mat. V.useful.

5. Muslin cloths
You can never have too many, they are literally dotted about in every room in our house. They're perfect for protecting furniture/yourself/the baby from milky spit up and mopping up any dribble.

6. Dummies 
Whether you should allow your baby to have a dummy or not is a controversial topic, and one I don't wish to go into. I'm very much pro-dummy (I mean hey, whatever works to calm your screaming infant) so I felt like had to include them in my best-buys.

And there you have it, my 6 favourite baby purchases, so far.

Fellow parents, what have been your most useful baby buys? What should I be throwing my money at next?

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