4 Mar 2018

Lifestyle Changes I Want To Make In 2018

Ugh. Day two of feeling like I'm stuck inside a snow globe, not fun. Worst of all, I'm out of Options white hot chocolate and I've got a real craving for it. Now I'm kinda pissed off at myself for not buying it the other day because it wasn't on offer. Cheapskate.

Any who, as I'm stuck inside for the foreseeable, I thought I would whip up a short list of the lifestyle changes that I'm keen to make this year. Note that I haven't said that I will make them, just that I would like to. I mean, with a 6 month old baby to contend with, I can't even commit to a hot meal.

Wear more colour

I enjoy bright clothing and bold, colourful prints but I've never been able to pluck up the courage to wear them myself.

There's a couple of reasons for this. One being that I'm not 100% sure how to put together colourful outfits that won't make me look like a 90's childrens tv presenter and two, I'm very self conscious and if anyone's looking at me, I automatically assume that I've got something on my face or baby sick down my front.

Nevertheless, I'm determined that 2018 will be the year I wear whatever the hell I want. And that means embracing colour, colour makes me happy.

Drink more water

Before I started my maternity leave, I used to drink a lot of water. I would easily down a glass an hour at work, no probs.

Nowadays, unless I'm at the gym my body is lucky to see water in it's purest form. Instead, I''m forever desperately fuelling my body with caffeine, all the caffeine. Seriously, I've never drank so much coffee and as a result, my body has suffered. I frequently feel sluggish, my skin is the worst it's been since my teenage years and I'm forever getting pounding headaches.

I've started carrying around a water bottle in my changing bag to encourage me to drink more when I'm out and about, but I need to find ways to up my intake when I'm cooped up indoors.

Get organised

It's not a case of wanting to get organised, I NEED to get my shit together if I'm to ever nail the work/mum/social life balance that I so desperately want. I've already started with this by planning and preparing as much as I can in advance; meals, outfits, literally anything that will save any unnecessarily flapping around.


Be kinder to myself

I'm my harshest critic. Nothing I do is ever good enough for me and I'm forever beating myself up.

This has to stop. I need to accept that heck, I've gone through some mental life changes over the past year and that yes, they have have had a knock-on effect on my ability to 'adult' but I'm doing ok. More than ok actually.

You will get there girl.

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