It's probably not a great idea to write a couple of paragraphs about myself whilst mildly inebriated on red wine but here goes.

I'm in my mid-twenties living what I would call, the 'conventional' lifestyle. I'm a home owner, a wife and a full-time office worker. Oh, and a house rabbit Mum (SEE, I can be kooky).

And whilst I'm enjoying living my life, I find that occasionally I want to chill the eff out, to escape and just be one with my thoughts and feelings. This is why I started blogging; I saw it as the best way for me to unleash whatever is whirring around my brain at the time.

I like to talk and I'm a massive over-sharer y'see but as an introvert, that can be difficult. And it's not fair on the husband to bend his ear 24/7.

So yeah, welcome. I'm not big on schedules or themes and whatnot so I've labelled this a lifestyle blog. I cover everything from food I've eaten, to personal style, to actual important issues.

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